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Type 1

The Perfectionist Reformer

While ONEs don’t always resonate with trying to be perfect, they do see that they are always working to close the gap between the way things are and the way things should be and that they are always trying to avoid being criticized. They appreciate clear logical rules and policies that define expectations and appropriate conduct. They want to be seen as a good person who is always working hard to do the right thing.  When they overdo their striving to be good and right, they can become critical of themselves and others (most often with a sincere desire to help the other improve). The fear of getting things wrong can prevent them from taking action. They put off fun and relaxation fearing it will prevent them from being the dependable, responsible person that they are expected to be.


Key Strengths: Work hard to create and maintain order, focus on the greater good, stay organized and precise. 

ONEs Communication Style: honest, thoughtful, precise, accurate, polite, logical, unemotional, judgmental, critical

ONEs like others to communicate with: details, accuracy, and without big emotions, being crude, or wooing 


How They Engage The World Through suggestions and acts that create order and restore things to what is  right and and always working to help themselves and others improve.


Blind Spot: Criticism.  ONEs so deeply desire to make things right that they have a knack for always seeing what is wrong and needs to be improved. They can easily see how to correct what is wrong and tend to freely share their helpful suggestions for improvement without realizing the impact on the recipient, who often feels criticized. In long-term relationships, this can balloon into the recipient feeling like they will never be good enough to please the ONE. The ONE is often surprised, and even heartbroken to realize that their attempts to help others improve has made the other feel criticized or less than. 


Other Common Snares: Avoids delegation, over-focus on details hinders production, resentment around working harder than everyone else, can feel entitled to special treatment for being good/working hard, ONEs legitimize hurt feelings by finding fault with others. 


Assumption:  ONEs assume that everyone has a harsh inner critic that is working overtime to inform them of what they could and should be doing. 


How Others Experience Them: Disciplined, honest, hard working, intentional, boundaried, rigid, critical 


They Respect Coworkers Who Are: ethical, practical, logical, and oriented toward self-improvement 


What They Like At Work: clear guidelines, schedules, accountability in knowing who is responsible for what, formal roles, being rewarded for efforts without having to draw attention to it themselves


What Irritates Them: People breaking the rules, when others feel free to relax when there is still work to be done, not being recognized of their hard work, not meeting expectations


Self-Assigned Role On The Team: "It is up to me to fix the mistakes and to pick up the slack where others are lagging behind or not doing it right."


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Still not sure?

If you have read through the types you were given in your typing session and are still not settled, please send me an email and I can offer some follow up questions and resources.

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