Hey Fellow Traveler. I'm Jeannie Armbruster.  In addition to my degree in Psychology from Azusa Pacific University, I have completed the Enneagram Teacher's Training through the The Narrative Enneagram School, where I studied directly with Helen Palmer.  I have also studied at the Enneagram Institute in New York with Russ Hudson, the Enneagram Prison Project with Susan Olesek, and have done personal growth work with Tom Condon.  Other Enneagram teachers, I have studied with in-person include Peter O'hanrahan, Renee Rosario, Terry Saracino, and somatic Enneagram expert Marion Gilbert.



My Background and Enneagram Story

Originally from southern California, I have a degree in Psychology from Azusa Pacific University.  In my first career as a social worker, I worked with teenage mothers helping them identify and reach goals for their lives and their children. In an effort to decrease teen pregnancy I began teaching life skills in our public schools. Working for Big Brothers Big Sisters I designed and led an intervention program for close to 200 girls and 50 boys, deemed the most at risk by the school district, and coached them from 5th grade through high school.  Later I was hired by Cabrini University to coordinate and train student volunteers for local nonprofit organizations in at-risk communities. 


With the decision to stay home when my boys were born, my world slowed way down and I ended up spinning into a deep sense of anxiety that limited me even further to the point that I sought treatment and medication for relief.  During that time found the Enneagram and through it's accurate insights, I was able to gain an understanding about who I am and why I get stuck in the ways I do. 

When I began to dig through the shadow side of my personality, I had the very common experience of feeling painfully exposed. Fully seen and humiliated by what I saw. It is something I have not fully gotten over. But I knew that this is where my healing was to be found. It’s one of the hardest journeys I have ever chosen. I set to work observing, digging, weeping, praying, stilling myself, and have been shocked to see what has really been at play beneath the surface of how I engage in life.  As Richard Rohr puts it " Authentic God experience is always "too much"! It consoles our True Self, only after it has devastated our false self. " It has not been pretty, but I can tell you; something beautiful is beginning to rise up from within that chaos. I have access to choices that I never knew existed. I can see when I slip into letting my personality show up, rather than my true self. Sometimes I can even be brave and present enough to let something more authentic surface in those moments.  I am more true to myself and to the people I love the most in this life. I am encountering God in beautiful new ways. This is my journey. My desire is to come alongside others on this stretch of the road, and from that comes, YourTruestYou.com.

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My training with Helen Palmer in her Deepening Spiritual Awareness Training.