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About Me


Education And Training

In addition to my degree in Psychology, I have over 450 hours of Enneagram training and I am certified as an Enneagram Instructor through the Narrative Enneagram, where I studied directly with Helen Palmer and Peter O'Hanrahan. I am currently completing programs towards certification in the Somatic Enneagram with Marion Gilbert and in delivering the Enneagram in corporate settings through The Awareness to Action model with Mario Sikora. I have also studied the Enneagram with Russ Hudson both in person and through multiple online courses, and have completed the Enneagram Prison Project 9P1K program with Susan Olesek.

I am an avid reader of personal and spiritual growth books, always exploring new ideas as well as returning to glean deeper insights from old favorites.


Early Career Work

My work has always been in the field of helping people on their path to growth. From being a counselor at a ranch for teenage girls in crisis to working with teenage mothers in our public school system I have always seen the beauty and potential amidst the struggle in each of us.

In an effort to decrease teen pregnancy I created a life skills and mentoring program to build self-esteem and create pathways to success and freedom for youth. Working for Big Brothers Big Sisters I designed and led an intervention program for close to 200 girls and 50 boys for which I received funding from the PEW Foundation.


Following that,  I was hired by Cabrini University to coordinate and train student volunteers for local nonprofit organizations in at-risk communities. I then made the decision to stay home and raise my 2 boys. When they began school full time, I was able to return to my passion of leading growth groups for women, coaching parents of teens, providing consultations and retreats for the workplace,  and continuing my own education (including 300+ hours of Enneagram training and supervision).

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I love being a mom. While part of me feels I should lead with something strictly about me, my deeper self responds "This is one of the most true thing about you." I love getting to know the two souls that have been entrusted into my care, to watch them grow and evolve and move out into the world in their unique ways. I love/dread/love the way they bring up my reactivity and put it out there to be seen and worked with.  I love getting to be their mom in this life. A huge part of choosing to teach the Enneagram is to help other parents see their children more clearly and form deeper, more fulfilling connections.  I also love hosting dinner parties, gardening, having a home that makes people want to settle in and talk for hours, and sitting on my deck with my husband watching wildlife and being total bird nerds together. 

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