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Jeannie is a gifted teacher who presents the Enneagram in a way that is both practical and life- changing. Through her heartfelt instruction, I now have an amazing tool to identify and acknowledge my own default reactions.  This has been particularly useful in helping me relate and respond to my boys from a greater place of love and compassion." - G.B.

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"Jeannie's sessions with my teenage daughter and me were needed, revealing and fun mother-daughter experiences! Now we better understand our different personalities and can lovingly connect despite those differences.  Jeannie's coaching with different Enneagram types is like having a bi-lingual dictionary bridging the generation gap." - L.S.

"The  class that I took with Jeannie Armbruster was important and helpful for me in so many ways.  As someone who seeks opportunities to understand the mind, the nature of the "self," and how I might get closer to my own soul and the Divine, this  class offered insight, wisdom, and practical exercises for engaging with all of the above.   Jeannie's support, guidance, and facilitation of the group process kept us on task and on track to get the most out of our time together.  I would put myself in Jeannie's hands again in a heartbeat.  She is a natural teacher, leader and guide.  Take the journey!" - C.B.

"Jeannie's workshop for our staff was both professional and comfortable. She demonstrated both expertise and empathy.  She commanded the room appropriately and it was easy for us to follow her.  The best part of the presentation was her.  What I mean by that is that she embodied well the values that underlie what she is trying to accomplish.  She demonstrated empathy for people's experience and led the time along quite well.  She demonstrated the gentleness required of someone who would have such intimate knowledge of people." - M.L.