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I am not exaggerating when I say that one session with Jeannie has the benefits of a year of therapy. She intuitively knows how to get to the core of an issue, on a visceral, cellular level.  I immensely appreciate the safe, maternal space Jeannie holds, and I will always be grateful that she has helped my life take a turn for the better during a time of major distress. - K.S.

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Jeannie is a gifted teacher who presents the Enneagram in a way that is both practical and life-changing. Through her heartfelt instruction, I now have an amazing tool to identify and acknowledge my own default reactions.  This has been particularly useful in helping me relate and respond to my boys from a greater place of love and compassion. - G.B.

 Jeannie serves because she cares! She has the gift of creating a safe space and makes you feel like the only person in a room. Her ability to explain complex ideas and make them understandable and relatable to everyone is unmatched. I’ve watched her session after session show up fully and ask thoughtful questions. Questions that unlock answers to how we lead our life, how we show up for the people we love & most importantly questions that help us understand who we really are. I am grateful to have been part of her enneagram coaching. My life is richer because of it.
- M. N. 

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The class that I took with Jeannie Armbruster was important and helpful for me in so many ways.  As someone who seeks opportunities to understand the mind, the nature of the "self," and how I might get closer to my own soul and the Divine, this class offered insight, wisdom, and practical exercises for engaging with all of the above.   Jeannie's support, guidance, and facilitation of the group process kept us on task and on track to get the most out of our time together.  I would put myself in Jeannie's hands again in a heartbeat.  She is a natural teacher, leader, and guide.  Take the journey! - C.B.

"Jeannie's sessions with my teenage daughter and me were needed, revealing, and fun mother-daughter experiences! Now we better understand our different personalities and can lovingly connect despite those differences.  Jeannie's coaching with different Enneagram types is like having a bi-lingual dictionary bridging the generation gap." - L.S.

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Individual and Team Reviews

I cannot say enough good things about my first session with Jeannie. I have a few years of therapy under my belt & I was stunned as to what came up in our session. Jeannie is a wise, safe, trustworthy guide; I felt very supported. I don’t think I would’ve found in therapy what I uncovered in her coaching, nor do I think I don’t need therapy. Along with that, I learned skills for continued inner growth. This will be one of the best things you ever do for yourself and for all the people you love.- SW


"I had an Enneagram Family Session with Jeannie, and the entire session exceeded my (high) expectations. She is absolutely wonderful, made us all feel at ease, and gave us a ton of information in an incredibly digestible way. Jeannie herself has a gift for this, and that becomes very clear as soon as she begins the session. The information provided helped me understand a lot about myself, and those I took the session with, too. It's more than just learning your personality type. I truly think everyone should give Enneagram typing a try- I went into the session not knowing a ton about it, and left with a whole new insight. I highly recommend working with Jeannie. I'd give more than 5 stars if I could!" - S.H.M

“Our Enneagram group was my favorite part of the week! Jeannie created such an amazing space for connection and I grew so much in compassion and understanding for myself and my loved ones.” -K. H.

“Jeannie could untangle the power of the enneagram and make it individualistic to each participant in the group. Our space felt welcoming and safe. I am grateful her teaching and guidance unlocked a deeper understanding of myself, my loved ones, co-workers, and friends." - A. F. 

"Jeannie's workshop for our staff was both professional and comfortable. She demonstrated both expertise and empathy.  She commanded the room appropriately and it was easy for us to follow her.  The best part of the presentation was her.  What I mean by that is that she embodied well the values that underlie what she is trying to accomplish.  She demonstrated empathy for people's experiences and led the time along quite well.  She demonstrated the gentleness required of someone who would have such intimate knowledge of people." - M.L.

 "I strongly encourage organizations and individuals to call upon Jeannie Armbruster and Your Truest You. Jeannie is genuine, compassionate, emotionally and intellectually intelligent. She cares for the people with whom she consults and coaches. Their well-being fuels her own. She does her homework before coaching a group so that the precious time is effectively and efficiently utilized. She follows up responsibly and in a timely manner. She creatively sees beyond what a skeptic might present and appropriately respects the energy of the introvert. Bringing her into your sphere of influence will be an enhancement to you personally and professionally."


 "The session you did was phenomenal. The content and focus was exactly what we were hoping for as a group regarding how we can better relate to each other and collaborate given the enneagram knowledge. The way you contextualized it for our group’s setting was perfect. The intention and thoughtfulness with which you created the safe space for sharing was exceptional. We are a close group, but even so, folks were opening and sharing in ways they hadn’t previously. Brava! I would absolutely recommend Your Truest You to anyone seeking guidance exploring enneagram dimensions in personal or group settings!" -KR

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