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Individual Sessions

It is time to live out of the incredible truth
of who you are. who belongs

Sunset Over the Mountains

discover your type

Typing Session

In this  90-minute individual interview session, we will work through questions on the 9 Enneagram types and 3 instinctual biases to narrow down your dominant type/bias. This is a great point of entry to gain self-awareness and insights into your unique way of seeing the world and how it impacts everything from your values to your relationships. 

understand your truest you

Coaching Sessions

These 60-minute coaching sessions will use the framework of the Enneagram to help you gain deeper insight into your patterns of behavior and underlying beliefs about whom you need to be in the world to be okay.  You will increase your ability to thoughtfully observe yourself which will allow you far more choice in whom you want to be in the world, rather than staying stuck in the patterns that no longer serve you.  By understanding how your defense mechanisms worked to serve you but now hinder you, we can relax them and you can engage in life more wholeheartedly.  You can select to incorporate prayer, meditation, and or somatic work into these sessions if you would enjoy a more spiritual approach. 

Image by Axel Holen
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