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Your Truest You

Welcome. I created Your Truest You to partner with you in life-changing personal growth using the Enneagram. I offer personal and corporate experiences to explore and develop your incredible gifting and to recognize and release old patterns that keep you stuck. Let's free up all that energy to move you forward into fulfilling your potential.  

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Corporate and Group Work

One of the best ways to strengthen any community is to learn to see and value what each perspective at the table has to offer. The Enneagram is an effective tool to develop the best leadership qualities in your team and reduce friction in your workplace. Select from a wide range of workshop topics and experiences to support your executive team or your entire staff.  Let's work together to create a custom offering to best meet the needs of your tribe!

Networking Event
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Sessions for Individual Exploration and Growth 

Explore how your core motivation and focus of attention play out in life, love, and work. The exploration can focus on a deeper understanding of your type structure in general or using the framework of the Enneagram we can illuminate areas where your type structure is getting in your way, and consider new ways to approach life and relationships with better understanding!  

Sessions for Partners, Parents and Youth*

These customized sessions create a path to experience each other in a new light. We will bring insight and clarity to your different perspectives and motivations. The people we love the most often bring up the most reactivity. These sessions can bring relief and light to the frustration that occurs when we keep missing the mark with the ones we love the most. Whether you can't seem to see eye to eye, or you have a good thing going but desire to deepen your connection and communication, this is for you!

*youth ages 12+

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Image by Priscilla Du Preez

Classes, Girls Nights and Upcoming Events

Join us for an upcoming Your Truest You Group or Workshop, or grab a group of your best gal pals and let's customize a special experience just for you!  My groups provide a safe environment to explore the Enneagram in the context of relationship with others. You will gain the added benefit of understanding how the types experience the world as your fellow group members share what it is like to be them in the world.  Check out Upcoming Events or email me to set up your night!

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