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Welcome. I created Your Truest You to partner with you in life-changing personal growth using the Enneagram. I offer personal and corporate experiences to explore and develop your incredible gifting and to recognize and release old patterns that keep you stuck. Let's free up all that energy to move you forward into fulfilling your potential.  

I do not advertise my services and intentionally do not participate in social media. All of my work comes from personal referrals and the Enneagram associations I belong to. If you have found your way to me, there is a very good chance we are meant to work together. I look forward to discovering how I can partner with you.


Corporate and Group Work

One of the best ways to strengthen any community is to learn to see and value what each perspective at the table has to offer. The Enneagram is an effective tool to develop the innate strengths on your team and reduce friction in your workplace. 


Select from a wide range of workshop topics and experiences to support your executive team or your entire staff.  Let's work together to create a custom offering to best meet the needs of your organization.

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