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Type 8

The Powerful Protector

EIGHTs bring big energy to all they do and love a good challenge. They want to know that they are in control of themselves and will intuitively step in to take charge if things aren’t being handled. They extend their power to protect their people and the underdogs, but will not suffer fools. When they overdo their striving to feel powerful they can push people away by using more force than is warranted in their volume, energy, demands, word choices, etc. EIGHTS tend to work preemptively from a stance of believing others are against them.


Key Strengths: Decisive, assertive, energetic, hard-working, rise to any challenge



EIGHTS Communication Style: larger than life, blunt, direct, opinionated, provocative

EIGHTS Like Others To Communicate:  factually and concisely, standing up with their own opinions rather than being agreeable, and shooting straight.


How They Engage The World:  Using their natural access to big energy, 8s push into the world to make things happen with a focus on justice and an immense sense of responsibility for those in their care. 


Blind Spot: Over Use of Power. EIGHTs are often unaware of their tendency to use much more force than is needed to accomplish their objectives. Their own preference for bluntness mixed with their desire for intensity can leave a wake of bodies behind them. When they are pushing to make things happen as they see fit, other people can become like objects in their path. They can be confused by other people feeling hurt when the EIGHT feels like they are just doing their job. 


Other Common Snares: It’s my way or the highway,  they can see compromise as a weakness, focus on their own agenda over the team, arrogance, they can break rules that hinder them from getting the job done


Assumption: The world is a tough place and no one else is going to look out for you, so you better show up strong and go after what you want. 


How Others See Them: Protective, fun-loving, honest, strong-willed, dominating, impulsive, arrogant


They Respect Coworkers Who: can stand up for themselves, work hard, disclose honestly, own their role, are not ambiguous


What They Like At Work: Challenges, clearly defined path of rewards and punishments, strong leaders with clear agendas, access to information to avoid being blindsided


What Irritates Them: lack of control, timidity, injustice, slow pace, indecision, senseless rules, and lack of energy or passion.


Self-Assigned Role On The Team: “I am responsible for everything and everyone under my control.”


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Still not sure?

If you have read through the types you were given in your typing session and are still not settled, please send me an email and I can offer some follow up questions and resources.

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