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Type 7

The Inspired Enthusiast

SEVENs are looking for ways to keep their minds stimulated with possibilities. Their natural enthusiasm for new ideas keeps them focused on the potential in every new project on the horizon but makes following through on long tedious processes a real struggle. While often looked to as the one who brings the energy/fun, SEVENS are more often focused on wanting their freedom than on always having fun. When they overdo their striving to be excited and feel overwhelmed they can suddenly shift to seeing things in black in white and crave immediate order. They fear that slowing down and diving deeply into things will not let them move fast enough to stay feeling up and excited.


Key Strengths: Quick mind, ability to generate multiple ideas/solutions, synthesizing disparate information, playful sense of humor, and curiosity. 

SEVENs Communication Style: quick-paced storytellers, engaging, self-referencing, enthusiastic, future-oriented, distractible, interrupting


SEVENs Like Others To Communicate: optimistically, quickly, to be entertaining, getting to the point, asking the SEVEN questions


How They Engage The World: Always on the make for an enjoyable experience, project, or interaction that will engage their mind. 


Blind Spot: Distractibility. Sevens tend to be aware of their tendency to shift their focus to whatever catches their attention. What they don’t always realize is that this habit is in service of helping them avoid unpleasant feelings, thoughts, or experiences that come up when the Seven isn’t mentally stimulated enough. Sevens also tend to give a lot of attention to someone but then move on to the next person in a way that leaves people confused about the depth of their connection. 


Other Common Snares: Avoiding difficult feelings/interactions, leveling the authority structure, interrupting/dominating in conversations


Assumption:  Sevens assume "I can’t slow down (particularly my mental fascination with upbeat planning/exciting ideas) or else I am going to get stuck and my freedom will be limited.


How Others Experience Them: upbeat, energetic, happy, distracted, inattentive, self-centered


They Respect Coworkers Who Are: positive, open to new ideas, fast-paced, creative, humorous, smart


What They Like At Work:  challenging problems to solve, positive environment, new opportunities, exciting projects, engaging with others about their ideas, casual authority structures


What Irritates Them: getting stuck in routines, naysayers, too many detail with not enough action, being micromanaged, lack of creativity


Self Assigned Role On The Team: I bring the energy and the ideas that make for an enjoyable experience.



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Still not sure?

If you have read through the types you were given in your typing session and are still not settled, please send me an email and I can offer some follow up questions and resources.

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