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Type 3

The Impressive Achiever

THREEs are always working hard to achieve the next goal or victory. Bursting with energy, THREEs internalize a rubric for what it looks like to be the ideal employee, supervisor, teammate, parent, daughter, etc, and then set to work checking off all of the necessary boxes to fulfill that idealized image. They set aside everything, including their emotions, to achieve. They want to be seen as the best at whatever they are doing, and they are ALWAYS doing. Note that for some THREEs being really impressive means downplaying how impressive they are, in favor of having a more humble image. When they overdo their striving to feel outstanding all threes begin to believe they won't bring enough value if they are just themselves. Some THREEs can avoid sharing the spotlight, fearing it will diminish their value if they aren't the one that shines the brightest, other THREEs strategy to shine the brightest might be pushing away the spotlight if humility is more prized in their culture/religion/family system.


Key Strengths: Hardworking, naturally can see the most efficient path to success, inspiring, super achievers, self-actualization


THREEs Communication Style:  straightforward, confident, solution-oriented, impatient, concrete

THREEs Like Others To Communicate: quickly and efficiently, framing toward the positive, and without being too emotional or going on and on.


How They Engage World:  Life is a game to be won by efficiently getting as many gold stars as you can along the way. 


Blind Spot: Inauthenticity. THREEs are often unaware that their ability to shapeshift into the ideal person in any given situation causes others to question who the THREE really is underneath the image. Always wanting to present themselves and information (particularly about their projects) in a positive light can be read by others as disingenuous or even dishonest. The THREE feels like they are putting a spin on things or adapting their image for the benefit of the one they are speaking to, without connecting it to deceit. They don't realize how much other's see through the shine.


Other Common Snares:  Threes can struggle when things slow down or stop, lose sight of others in their pursuit of a goal, they can be impatient, and can be frustrated that others can't set everything else aside to achieve the way THREEs can. 


Assumption:  Threes assume that everyone wants the THREE to shows up as a winner all the time upholding the image of never failing, always doing, and always being the best. They assume that no one really wants to know the parts of them that don't align with that winning image. They underestimate how much other's value authenticity over a shiny image.


How Others Experience Them: High energy, motivated, busy, only shares selectively, can put personal goals ahead of other's feelings

They Respect Coworkers Who Are: optimistic, casually formal, task-driven, and outstanding in a non-competing space.


What They Like At Work: competition, clear goals/rewards systems, opportunities to shine, connection with impressive others

What Irritates Them: tasks being interrupted or slowed down, an unclear path to success/rewards, non-recognition, or failure (especially being pointed out publicly)

Self-assigned Role On The Team: "I will impress everyone by taking it to the next level and I will look good doing it." 


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Still not sure?

If you have read through the types you were given in your typing session and are still not settled, please send me an email and I can offer some follow up questions and resources.

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