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Type 2

The Supportive Giver

TWOs are the most interpersonal type, paying attention to what others need and intuiting solutions for those needs. They have a knack for finding points of connection and building rapport with a generous upbeat attitude. They appreciate being recognized for all they have offered and done. When they overdo their striving to feel connected they seek to be needed/indispensable and can suddenly feel anger when  they feel that what they have offered has not been appreciated. They fear prioritizing their own needs will cost them the connections they have earned through always being the one who is doing the helping.


Key Strengths: TWOs are warm, friendly, generous, good listeners, who offer support. 


TWOs Communication Style: ask a lot of questions, keep things upbeat, offer advice/assistance, focus on relationships, complain when they are tired

TWOs Like Others To Communicate: sharing personal points and needs, with emotion and appreciation, but without being reluctant or disinterested in connection. They like feedback offered with warmth and support.


How They Engage The World:  Through offering advice and service towards meeting the needs of selected individuals. 


Blind Spots: Intrusion and Favoritism. Being so naturally oriented to connections, TWOs can sometimes ask about people's personal lives or offer advice beyond what some of the other type's feel comortable with or are interested in. Often others are aware that Twos play favorites offering more help, service and support to certain individuals while becoming seemingly unhelpful to others.


Other Common Snares: angry outbursts for being overlooked, competitive, offering unsolicited advice, and struggling to set appropriate boundaries. 


Assumption: Twos tend to assume they know best for everyone. While they often do have a good read on  other's emotions, they don't take into account the differences in how others navigate the world or have access to different strategies that the Two does not have access to. 


How Others Experience Them: Warm, generous, empathetic, suddenly angry, intrusive. 


They Respect Coworkers Who:  honor connections, recognize other's contributions, engage in friendly conversation, offer support, and offer an emotional connection in addition to the required content


What They Like At Work: being able to play a supportive role in helping others achieve, successful others thanking them for the role they played in that success. 


What Irritates Them: non-recognition, others who are not interested in connection,  and being left on their own at the start of a project.


Self-assigned Role On The Team: "I am the power behind the throne that keeps everyone together and I hold the connections to the right people."


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Still not sure?

If you have read through the types you were given in your typing session and are still not settled, please send me an email and I can offer some follow up questions and resources.

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