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An interactive interview designed to explore what Enneagram personality types resonate the most for you.  Questions will be asked to systematically inquire around the core themes of each type. We will narrow down your potential type and will assist you in determining which type feels like home base to you. Some people know right away where they land, while others need time to sit with the information before deciding.  It is essential for you to make the final determination of your type, as you know yourself and your inner motivations the best. This is a great starting point on the journey to incredible personal growth through the Enneagram. 


Explore how your core motivation and focus of attention play out in life, love, and work. The exploration can focus on a deeper understanding of your type structure in general or we can delve into an investigation of how your Type is getting in the way of a specific situation or relationship. Using the framework of the Enneagram we can illuminate areas where your type structure is getting in your way, and consider new ways to approach life and relationships with better understanding!


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Your Truest You offers workshops, small group classes, family sessions, and team training opportunities.


Your Truest You workshops and trainings are designed to create a better understanding of the natural strengths and motivations of your team as well as the blind spots around how your various efforts may not be perceived as intended. By understanding the personality types of your co-workers, clients or parishioners you will be able to interact more efficiently and with a greater appreciation for the variety of perspectives around your table. You will learn to successfully navigate the inevitable personality conflicts that can derail effective teams.


You will learn how the Enneagram symbol brilliantly illustrates why our personalities look so unique, even within a type, as well as mapping out how we take on characteristics of other types when we are stressed versus being open and relaxed. We will tour the 9 types and look at the focus of attention, motivation, strengths, and challenges of each type, in ways that allow us to interact with compassion and confidence.  This workshop will be customized to address the context of your specific group.



Provide each member of your team with Your Truest You's typing interview as described above. Each team member knowing their type will help you get the most out of the Interactive Team Retreat work.


Once team members have been interviewed and have completed the Introduction to the Enneagram Training, Your Truest You will return to provide a 2-hour interactive team retreat customized to the types represented on your team.  This time can be used to address specific team dynamic issues and to optimize your strengths as a team to achieve your goals.


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  • Introduction to the Enneagram- A tour of the 9 types.

  • The Three Instincts- Learn how the 3 primary survival instincts drive your behaviors and your values. Whether it's the conference room table or the kitchen table, when people with different dominant   instincts interact you will feel the rub of these differing value systems. Together we will get to the bottom of the long standing frictions that make us say "Why on earth is that so important to them?"  This workshop explains the frustration in a partnership where one partner desires to create an intense experience and the other just wishes someone would take out the trash. Through understanding the instincts you will be able to depersonalize the differences and have greater understanding and appreciation for each other. This workshop does not require Enneagram knowledge and can be offered as a stand alone workshop or as a series of 3 deeper dive classes providing greater interaction of participants to optimize understanding and growth.

  • Enneagram and Parenting- The 9 Types in Parenting Workshop is an exploration of how the 9 different Enneagram types show up in parenting. Much of Enneagram growth work begins with understanding what holds our focus of attention. Once we become aware of this, we are able to relax unproductive patterns to create more balance in our parenting approach. In addition to live teaching we will share Video exemplars of each type and their personal journeys of parenting with the Enneagram. You will grow in grace for yourself and your parenting partner as you learn how common our struggles are within our particular type. We will explore common triggers and offer tips, giving you concrete ways to grow beyond your type structure and connect with your kids from the best of who you are!

  • Using the Enneagram to Enhance Caregiving- 4 Week Course and Supportive Peer Group. Some of us actively choose to be in a caregiving role professionally or personally. Some of us find ourselves placed in that role through the diagnosis or circumstances of someone we care about.  We encounter moments that are rewarding, and we struggle through moments that can be painfully overwhelming and frustrating in trying to meet someone else's needs. The Enneagram helps us to understand our own core needs, strengths, limitations and ways we behave differently under stress. It will also provide insight into new ways to explore and meet the needs of the person you are caring for. If your biggest need is security, it may inhibit your ability to see that their biggest need is autonomy, or vice versa. While some people have big emotions that need to be expressed in order to feel ok, others may feel a need to set emotions aside and develop a concrete plan in order to feel ok. This 4 week course will resource you with new approaches to caring for your loved one while caring for yourself in the process.


We would love to work with you to create a learning experience that best suits the needs of your particular group. Please reach out to discuss your vision and let's make it happen!

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