Partners, Parents and Youth

Sessions to increase understanding, respect and harmony in the home.

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Partners and Spouses

These 60 minute sessions for two are designed to create a common language to help you see each other more clearly,  develop your strengths as a couple, and address areas of disconnect in your relationship.  The Enneagram helps to depersonalize certain behaviors and allows us to see "They aren't doing that to me. They mean something different than I do when I do that."  or "This thing that I don't need at all, feels like a survival issue to them".  We will get at practical applications in every session that will create new patterns in your home.  


I also offer sessions for couples considering marriage/or who are engaged to provide a deeper understanding of how you each negotiate life and what that will look like in marriage. 

Parent & Youth* Sessions

One of the greatest gifts of the Enneagram is learning that your Enneagram type's best strategies for how to survive and thrive in the world won't always align with what your child's type needs to feel connected, safe, and respected. These sessions will create new pathways that allow you and your teen to both feel seen and respected. From simply learning ways to phrase rules and requests so that they land to helping your teen advocate for their needs in appropriate ways rather than acting out, these sessions are worth their weight in gold! 

* I don't see children under the age of 12, but can provide sessions to the parents of younger children to address parenting issues.


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Parents of Young Kids

While it is highly recommended to hold off on typing your child while they are still developing, there is plenty of Enneagram work to help you show up as your best self in parenting.  Come in solo or as a couple to learn more about how your type structure hinders your best efforts to guide your children and how to offer the best of your natural strengths in parenting.  Explore new strategies for connecting with your child regardless of their type.

$90 individual
$125 couples