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An 8 week study utilizing the Enneagram and Byron Katies "The Work" .  Learn better ways to show up as your most authentic self in order to deeply love and nurture not only your family, but your beautiful self!  You will gain a better understanding of who you are and how your thoughts are impacting your life.  Free yourself up to become more of who you really want to be. (TOTAL DISCLAIMER: I am NOT a therapist or licensed/certified anything! I am just a woman on a journey to make the most of the life I have been given, and would love your company along the path!) 



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Whether you are a stay at home mom, a full time working mama or somewhere in between, we can all agree, this journey is no joke! I talk to so many women who feel like there is some better version of themselves lying dormant beneath the " Can you just get ready for school without making me a crazy lady? " mom or the "Are you seriously asking for fun spontaneous sex at 11:15 pm at night after a 17 hour day?!?!?" wife, or one of my personal favorites, " Let me lay here and put myself to sleep imagining tragic scenarios that could ruin my child's life,  followed by ways I am failing as a wife, mother, and human." Therapy is fantastic, but as soon as the crisis is managed, it feels like a luxury with a huge price tag.  We can be left deeply feeling that not only is there more to life, but there is so much more to who we are, but we just can't seem to get there. Greatness is written on your heart, my sister.  Let's get there!  As a dear friend puts it 'It's time to get my fabulous back!"  or maybe find it for the first time. This group will connect you to parts of your most true you and will connect you with other women on the journey.  Let's call forth the loving, centered you that is present and able to offer the best of who you are for yourself, your family and the people that share your world. 


This group will use the Enneagram to better understand our basic motives and beliefs. It will show us how the strategies we have created to best survive this world may be limiting us rather than serving us at this point. There are 9 basic strategies/personalities, and discovering yours will help unlock the motives behind why you do and believe what you do, and it will open up paths to more authentic ways of being and loving. This tool has dramatically impacted my relationships by allowing me to see through the ways I tend to try to get my needs met while protecting myself from my fears.  The Enneagram has taught me how to observe myself, catch myself in the act of running my game, and chose a different path to let my real self show up. It has also drastically changed my understanding of how to love and communicate with my boys, and how to deal with hard situations in ways that allow them to grow rather than be crushed. (Spoiler alert: It's different for each kid because they each have a different strategy/personality).  
















We will also learn to use The Work by Byron Katie. I am fairly new to this technique but have seen evidence of how quickly and powerfully it can teach us to inquire into the truth of a situation rather than blindly believing the thoughts that arise as our initial reaction, or worse, what we spin those thoughts into as we reminisce on them.  Learning this technique will help us to see how our thoughts about a situation or a relationship are actually what causes us suffering. The great thing is that we can change the way we think! We will use Byron Katie's Judge Your Neighbor worksheet (a way to capture our thoughts on an issue we are struggling with ) and then dig into those thoughts using The Work, a set of four questions that will help us see what is really going on.  My favorite question is "Who would you be without that thought?".  (Most of the time the answer is "I would be much more open, or present, or kind, or compassionate". Next time a snarky or irritated thought pops into your mind, try asking yourself who you would be without that thought and then go with that as a sample of what you will be getting out of this group). 
















This group will commit to supporting each other and upholding strict confidentiality as we learn, laugh, cry and share our lives with each other. Groups will be limited to 8 people and will run for 8 weeks at a time. In addition to group time, there will be recommended readings and videos to enhance your ability to really create positive growth during the 8 weeks. 


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