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Deep dive into understanding your personality over the course of a month

  • 90-Minute Engage Your Type Session: Typing Interview or Confirmation of Type and deep teaching around the strengths, blindspots, limitations and paths to growth.


  • Two 60-minute Working With Your Type Sessions: We will continuing to work on identifying your type patterns and pathways to growth through coaching and somatic work.

  • Personality Report: Details on your type as well as specific ways the type patterns showed up in our sessions together.


  • Collaboration Call (with your existing life/business coach): During this 60 minute call with your coach, I will cover a basic overview of your type, helpful insights into your blindspots and ways to successfully coach the common limiting beliefs and avoidances of your type structure to support you in your existing coaching relationship.

​BONUS: 6 Monthly Enneagram Group Coaching Calls (60 minutes of content and interactions, followed by Q&A for those interested in staying on). Engage with other participants in learning about all 9 Enneagram types. These insights will support you in forming deeper connections with your own family, friends, colleagues and clients as you gain understanding of each of the types.

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