Enneagram Tests

Once people become aware of the Enneagram, often they ask "Is there a test I can take?"  Due to the complexity of the Enneagram, I tend to lean towards the Narrative Tradition's assertion that the best way to know your type is to hear panels of that type talking about their lives. This method allows you to experience the types and connects you to the motives and feelings that are driving the behaviors that can be missed in a simple multiple choice test. That being said, I do think that tests are helpful in narrowing down potential types. Below you will find links to the most commonly used tests. While they are helpful, I would highly recommend holding your results loosely, and use them simply as a starting point. Once you have the results, dive deeper on my Enneagram Types page to read type descriptions by the experts and watch teaching and panel videos on the types you are considering. I also highly recommend listening to the 20-minute type overviews on the Introducing/Understanding the Enneagram Podcast by Noble Works. (This has quickly become one of my favorite Enneagram Resources.)


While we all want accurate and efficient results, the truth is we are dominant in one type but we all hold pieces of all 9 types. If you originally mistype yourself, it is not wasted time. The things you identify within a mistype are true and useful in filling out the whole picture of who you are. You are more than your number. Give yourself permission to enjoy the process.


TheEssential Enneagram OnlineTest  ($10) 

This test by the Narrative Enneagram provides you with paragraphs of a narrative for each type and allows you to select  "Sounds like me, Mostly, Somewhat or Not at all".  From there you watch a 2-minute video of each type and rank your top 3 that you connect with most. Then you will be given information to help differentiate and decipher between your most likely types.


The REHTI  ($12) 
The Riso-Hudson Enneagram Type Indicator (RHETI® version 2.5) is the world's most popular Enneagram-based test. It is a scientifically validated, forced-choice personality test with 144 paired statements. The test takes about 40 minutes to complete.

The RHETI® version 2.5 has been independently scientifically validated. Rather than just indicating your basic type, however, the RHETI® produces a full personality profile across all nine types. This provides you with a unique portrait, indicating the relative strengths and weaknesses of the nine types within your overall personality.

The RHETI® results are available in a PDF format and include your scores for all nine types in a full-spectrum profile, as well as the Expanded Type Descriptions (of over 2,500 words each) for your top three scores. These type descriptions have been revised and updated to provide the most comprehensive type summaries available. 


Explore Your Type (Free but requires name and email) 

This test, associated with the book "The Road Back to You", is a simple "thumbs up/thumbs down" click test of 90 statements like "Feeling safe and secure really matters to me." Upon completion you are presented with a type that was most identified through your answers.