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Creating Community Through Your Unique Personality

February 8th, 7-9 pm EST
Online Zoom Class


This interactive class will explore how each type feels most seen and connected in community and what gets in the way of each type being present to true connection. 

Group Seflie

The best way to really learn about the Enneagram types is to let types speak for themselves.  Class participants and guests representing each of the 9 Types will have a chance to share, and learn from each other about what it is like to be in community from each type's perspective. We will begin by looking at "What forms of service and connection make each type feel the most seen and loved?" and  "What type of interactions create disconnect?" Then we will look at the ways each type's striving and inner critic gets in the way of connecting with our true heart and what we can do about it. Insights gained in this class will support you in building richer connections with colleagues, neighbors, and friends. 

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