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a tool in the journey to believing
the power of your story

in collaboration with New York Times Bestselling Mentor Bridget Cook-Burch

What is the Enneagram and how can it help?

The Enneagram is an incredible tool for understanding the strengths, strategies, and struggles of your unique personality. My work with you will deepen your own access to the story you are writing, by giving you language to see yourself more clearly than ever before. This work will not only improve your writing, it will support your personal journey as an author, as well as accelerating Bridget’s ability to help you more efficiently get to the heart of the matter in her coaching with you.

Inner Critic Work
For Writers Bundle

4 Sessions: $600

Session 1 (90 minutes)

Typing Session: Working through questions on the 9 Enneagram types and 3 instinctual biases to narrow down your dominant type/bias.

Session 2 (60 minutes)

Befriending Your Inner Critic through Somatic Work: Discerning between wisdom and overprotective patterns that don’t serve you.

Session 3 (60 minutes)

Habitual Obstacles: Identifying your roadblocks and how to work with (rather than against) your personality to overcome them.

Session 4 (60 minutes)

Writing from Your Highest Self: Practices to tap into the most true parts of you. 

single Session options

Personality Discover Session
90 minutes

Your Story: Through our work together you will gain insights into the true motivations behind the choices made in your story, why certain hills were worth dying on, and what has truly compelled you to share your truth with the world.  The profound self-awareness provided through the Enneagram will take your writing to the next level in understanding and articulating what you are striving for, the fears you faced in your “dark night of the Soul”, and the path you have taken on your hero’s journey. Being able to share the language of the Enneagram will also support Bridget’s ability to help you fine-tune your voice and connect with your readers from a place of deeper transparency.


What to Expect: These 90-minute sessions are interactive conversations designed for you to gain a more comprehensive self-understanding. We will explore thought-provoking questions and the nuances of what motivates your behavior and focus of attention. Unlike online assessments, I am able to ask follow-up questions to more accurately assess which type resonates most with you. There is nothing to learn or prepare in advance for this session. You are already the expert on you.

Somatic Work Session
60 minutes

Your Journey as an Author: Each of our personalities has built-in defense mechanisms and inner critics that arise to keep us safe. This is a tremendous gift for survival but it can be a huge roadblock when it comes to the vulnerability required in sharing your story with the world or facing the imposter syndrome that arises as you step into the light. My somatic sessions are designed to help you make contact with the fierce and faithful guardians within you who seek to protect you by keeping you small. We will honor them for their past service and decommission them (where they are over-functioning) allowing you to regain access to parts of you that were exiled along the way. The wisdom that arises when you reunify yourself will propel you forward in your writing and in your life with new clarity and freedom.

Enjoy watching the sample somatic practice video below to to experience how this work will serve you.


What to Expect: In these 60-minute sessions I will guide you through an inner journey using your breath to sense where you feel blocked within yourself and compassionately relax the defense mechanisms where they are over-functioning. Clients often describe it as feeling like a personal guided meditation.

Your Truest You believes in the vital importance of this work, and we are deeply passionate about diversity, equity, inclusion and accessibility.

If the cost of the sessions is a barrier, we encourage you to contact us directly.

What is Somatic Work?

Enjoy watching the sample somatic practice video below to to experience

how this work will serve you.

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